Berg & Spa Massagen


Urslauerhof's Hoamatmassage


Ehrlich - oafoch - mia: Mit viel Gefühl im Hochkönig's Wellnessreich

Enjoy the time and let your soul relax! Combine a swiss pine back massage with an facial massage or an foot reflex zone massage! ca. 50 min. € 68,00

Die classic ones


Classic full body massage

Standard full body massage promoting blood circulation of the whole body, loosening muscles and releasing tension. ca. 50 min. € 65,00

Classic partial body massage

Standard partial body massage promoting blood circulation, loosening muscles and releasing tension. ca. 30 min. € 44,00

Sports massage

Effective relief for leg and back muscles used during sport.           ca. 30 min. € 47,00

Aromatic oil wellness massage

Releases tension with therapeutic fragrances and oils.

ca. 30 min. € 45,00

ca. 50 min. € 68,00


Facial massage

Intensive relaxation for face, neck, décolletage, and base of neck. ca. 30 min. € 41,00

Children’s massage

Children too can enjoy the benefits of aromatic oils and soft manual touch. ca. 20 min. € 30,00

Facial drainage

With slow movements swellings are treatened so toxics can be released. Your skin feels joung and shiny again.

ca. 25 min. € 45,00


Foot reflex zone massage

A massage with benefits for the whole body, the nervous system, organs, hormones, spine, and joints.

ca. 40 min. € 51,00


 The classic detoxification


Lymph drainage

This releases blockages, has a detoxifying effect, strengthens veins and benefits your immune system.

ca. 50 min. € 69,00


Antistress massage

A back massage to release tension, followed by a “hot roll” warm compress. This has a releasing effect that promotes deep relaxation and aids circulation. ca. 35 min. € 48,00

Die energetic ones


Herbal pouch massage

Using a special massage technique, inner and outer harmony is achieved in the body. Starting with short, thermal stimulation, followed by short, quick stroking movements and gentle circling along the energy channels.                                                           ca. 50 min. € 70,00

Hot-Stone massage

A special massage using hot basalt stones. Strength, vitality and inner harmony is forced to enter your body trough these stones. ca. 80 min. € 90,00