June makes everything new

Caution: Construction site

Our rooms - new designed

As part of our renovation, three new categories of rooms will be created:

Family Room "Hoamatgfühl" Family Room "Weitblick" Studio "Sternblick"

We would like to introduce these rooms in more detail as follows:

Family Room "Hoamatgfühl"

The two spacious family rooms with a daybed and balcony are characterized by their location facing south-west and provide a view all the way to the Aberg. A special highlight is the pull-out partition wall to the couch area. It slides gently out of its parked position, separating the room into a children's and adult area. Both areas have a comfortable place to lie down and their own flat-screen TV.

A highlight of the room is the protruding daybeds displayed on the facade. These are designed to be slept on if desired. In addition to this sleeping option, the high-quality couch in the living area can be converted into a sleeping accommodation with its own dedicated mattress. Occupancy for up to four people is therefore no problem.

Family Room "Weitblick"

These two family rooms also have a room divider, but do not have protruding daybeds like the Family Room "Hoamatgfühl". Instead, we have provided these rooms with a high-quality, integrated daybed that fits into the room concept. The maximum occupancy of the rooms is also limited to four people.

Studio "Sternblick"

Our four new studios shine with their new furnishings "on the pulse of time" - and yet their name is not without reason. While looking towards the end of the valley, the dark starry sky can be observed very well through the new, large windows. The room itself also holds a surprise. When the last source of light goes out, the room becomes bright - depending on the room, a zodiac sign is discreetly painted on the wall.

Our Rooms - A New Standard at the Urslauerhof

With our eight new rooms, we want to take a new and groundbreaking direction for our hotel. In addition to a significant increase in natural elements, a little more technology will also be introduced into our hotel.

The eight new rooms will be equipped with a minibar and coffee machine as standard, in addition to efficient LED lighting and built-in USB sockets for charging mobile devices.