Urslauerhof Moments

experince the unique

Cruise with 610HP along the most beautiful roads of Salzburg, make a relaxing rest on the highes places in the Hochkönig area without any effort in hiking, see the Urslau valey from a birs eye or do a special VitalHerbs E-Bike-tour to taste our home? And every little action starts right from Urslauerhof?

Do you think this is a "mission impossible"?

Not at Berg & SPA Hotel Urslauerhof

"Urslauerhof Moments - the chance to experince the unique"

Working togehter with Sennair, ALPCARS, Airstar and Tourismusverband Maria Alm we are able to offer you holidy experinces you can't get "just arount the corner".

For any question - feel free to send us a e-mail!

A very rare driving experince!


We are very proud to offer you a very unique driving experince in cooperation with ALPCARS Sportwagenvermietung - the only chance in Austria.

The Audi R8 plus coming with 610 PS, V10 engine a acceleration from 0 - 100kph in less than 3,2 seconds is currently the top performer at Audi's range of sport cars. The Audi R8 plus is based on the same desingn principals like the Lamborghini Huracan.

You can read more details on this supercar at ALPCARS Sportwagenvermietung.

Your "UrslauerhofMoment":

You can start your personal driving experince right from our hotel. Alpcars Sportwagenvermietung delivers the Audi R8 plus for free to our Hotel. Additionally we add a Hoamat Sackerl, a little lunch bag to recover from the adrenaline kick after driving this car.

Contact us Berg&SPA Hotel Urslauerhof for a special package including the Audi R8 plus tour as well as a stay in our hotel. The easiest way to your UrslauerhofMoment is our Online-request - we are at your disposal!

All additional infos like fee, pricing und die conditions of ALPCARS Sportwagenvermietung are found on their homepage.

Above the clouds


Observing the beauty of nature from above is an astonishing experince. Combined with the unique chance to hold a picnic at places you can't even get by foot in time makes this offer even more worth a test.

The exclusive picnic flight operated by Sennair includes both - a awsome flight experince and a picnic. The Airline is based in Zell am See and will pick you up in Hinterthal. Just a short walk from our hotel to the landing spot and you can jump right into this adventure. 

In a AIRBUS Helicopter AS350B1 (H125) Sennair will bring you up in the sky so you experince the Hochkönig as well as the Steinernes Meer in a way only few people will do in their lifetime.

Do you want to do something different than a "simple" picnic flight? Sennair offers a huge variety of different trips. A short visit in Venice or Heli-Skiing in South TyrolSennair will make it happen!


Sennair will pick you up in Hinterthal for a exclusive pricing of € 1299,00 (incl. Mwst). Berg & SPA Hotel Urslauerhof will pack a special HOAMAT-Picnicbag - filled with different local delights as well as a bottle of HOAMAT-Tropfen (red or white wine).

Here at Urslauerhof we'll take care of your wishes. Do you want to book a special package or our picnic fligth at Sennair? Use our Online-form to get in touch with us!

Herbs and E-Bikes


A easy swing from lodge to lodge via E-Bike - a professional coach to guide you all along and as a special benefit a delicious "powerUp" at every rest.

During summer and fall you have the unique chance to discover Hinterthal by E-Bike. Every tour (once a week) starts at Hinterthal where you can rent your E-Bike. As Berg & SPA Hotel Urslauerhof offers you the HochkönigCard you can rent them for a special price.

The first part of the tour goes to Gabühelhütte where a fresh made bread covered with chives is waiting for you. The downhill trail to Dienten is to recover your battery right before you battle Zachhof-Alm. Once you did this an awsome pancake with herbs, cottage cheese and sour vegetalbes is waiting for you. The next stop is Dientalm where you'll get a plate full of home made cheese to taste. Afterwards the tour will end in Hinterthal.

Your "UrslauerhofMoment":

Guided E-Bike tour in the area of Hochkönig for a total of € 61,10 (incl. Mwst.) that can be booked right in the hotel. We fill your water bottle with our HOAMAT-water so you won't forget to drink on the 34,9 km long trail while doing the altitude of round about. 1.410 meters.

For details on track, booking and availability please use our Online-Form. We are looking forward to hearing from you!



A flight with a paraglider is probably the most natural way of flying - it's birdlike! 

Togehter with Airstar we are able to offer you this very unique experince! Starting from May unitl the middle of October you and your pilot will go up Schmittenhöhe by cable car. The start of your Panorama-flight is on a altitude of about 2000m with a fantastic view on the glaciers of Nationalparks Hohe Tauern. Pending on local weather situations the flight will take 30 to 45 minutes. 

While in summer Airstar is based on Schmittenhöhe, during winter it is also possible to start a flight at Aberg in Maria Alm. It is a very special moment to see Urslau-valey covered in snow from a vew hundret meters above.

Your "UrslauerhofMoment": 

Enjoy your Panorama-flight for the unique price of € 110,00.-- . The pricing includes a free ride in the cable car. Berg & SPA Hotel Urslauerhof will hand you a bottle of Schlumberger White Secco to take a drink after your successful flight! You want to know more details or book a package? Feel free to use our Contact-form!